In The News

Hang on to Your Balloons, They are Bad for the Environment. Eric Hodies, The Virginian-Pilot. 9/23/18

Environmentalists Push for a Balloon Ban. CBS This Morning. 8/31/18

Balloon litter a top problem on remote beaches. Bird Watching Daily. 8/29/18.
Balloons Are Bad – Should We Ban Them? Yessenia Funes. Earther. 8/23/18.
Environmentalists Push for Ban on Balloons. Lakshmi Singh. NPR. 8/19/18.

A rising concern? After straws, balloons get more scrutiny. The Atlanta Journal Constitution. 8/15/18.

No more balloons: Clemson ends 30-year tradition of balloon launch. David Hood. 7/28/18.

Are balloons the new plastic straw? Cecile Meier. Stuff. 7/10/18.

Students pledged to go balloon-free at Class of 2018 graduation. Aisha Singh. The Cavalier Daily. 5/30/18.

The Indy 500 is actually super trashy. Emily Hopkins and Sarah Bowman. Indy Star. 5/21/18.

Weather Eye: Ballooning Problem. Chesapeake Bay Magazine. 9/19/17.

Seabirds Under Threat: Death by Helium Balloon. Greg Roberts. Sunshine Coast Birds. 2/16/2017.