Case Studies: Birds

Osprey Chicks, New Jersey, USA

Images of osprey chicks (Pandion haliaetus) entangled in balloon ribbons in New Jersey, USA. The nestling with the white ribbon survived (left), but that is not the case with the one that was totally entangled and long dead (right). Images by Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey.


Laughing Gull, 2009, Northampton Co., Virginia, USA

This laughing gull (Larus atricilla) was photographed in 2009 in Northampton County, Virginia, USA. It was hanging from a powerline with a balloon ribbon. There is a latex balloon at the other end of the ribbon. Photos provided by Pamela Denmon, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Northeast Region.



Cory’s shearwater, 2012, Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

This Cory’s shearwater (Calonectris diomedea) was found in 2012 at Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA, by Virginia Aquarium Stranding Team volunteers. Its neck, wings and legs were entangled by a plastic balloon ribbon. Photos by Christina Trapani, Virginia Aquarium Stranding Response Program.






Short-tailed shearwater, Australia

A short-tailed shearwater (Puffinus tenuirostris) – note glowstick and three different balloons (as discerned by color – red, orange, white). Necropsied and photographed by Denise Hardesty,  Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia.