Balloon Attachments

Helium-filled balloons often have plastic ribbons and other items attached such as plastic valves, tie-off discs, and clips. These attachments are used to seal the air or helium into the balloon as well as attach ribbons and groups of balloons together. These attachments are usually made of plastic and also become litter when released with balloons.

Standard plastic attachments include plastic clips, discs, cups and valves (seen below).

Plastic cup

Plastic valves








Plastic discs

Plastic clip








It is not unusual to find plastic ribbons attached to balloons as well as ribbons that have become unattached. Cotton string may be biodegradeable but it is still an entanglement and ingestion threat to wildlife and not considered an acceptable alternative.

These latex balloons are attached to cotton string.

These latex balloon fragments are attached to monofiliment line.

Plastic ribbons with latex balloons littered on a beach.









Balloons may also be found with other attachments, many made with plastic, all becoming litter once released with the balloons.

Multiple plastic ribbons with two plastic pens attached.

A laminated note attached to a balloon and plastic ribbon.

A small plastic bottle attached to a balloon ribbon.

Two oversized foil balloons attached to a plastic boa, plastic ribbons and plastic tabs.

Latex balloons with plastic ribbon, a plastic banana clip with a metal ring and multiple plastic discs.

Multiple foil balloons with plastic ribbons and a felt flower.