Alternatives to Balloon Releases

There are many alternatives to balloon releases. Some of these alternatives include balloons too! Balloons can be fun as long as they are not released into the air to become floating litter.  Pop them and drop them in the trash when you are done.

The most important part of your memorial or celebration is the bringing together of loved ones to create a sense of community. Ceremony is the most important thing!

Below are a few litter-free ideas to make your next celebration, memorial or event memorable:

Bubble wand producing large bubbles

Plant a tree or flowering bush.

Create a wildlife garden that will attract butterflies and birds.

Blow bubbles.

Honor a loved one by installing a bird bath or bench at a park–something that people will enjoy for years to come.

DROP balloons (non-helium filled) from a building. Watch people have fun kicking and playing with the balloons. Then, pop them and dispose of correctly.

Release balloons INSIDE a church, gym or ballroom.

Memorial service — Give everyone a balloon and a sewing pin, and tell them to make a wish for their loved one. On the count of three — everyone bursts their balloons, sending wishes to heaven.

Cancer-free celebrations — Give everyone a balloon, a pin and a marking pen. Tell them to write on the balloon the number of years they have been cancer-free. On the count of three — everyone bursts their balloons. Messages on small pieces of paper can be inserted into each balloon with an inspirational message. After the fun, dispose of the trash correctly.

Outdoor sporting events — use bands, lights, banners, singers, crowd give-a-ways (towels, noise makers, etc.) to build excitement, but don’t release balloons!

Donate books to a local library, food to a local food bank, or pet food to a local animal shelter to celebrate your group’s achievement or to honor a loved one.

Hold a beach, park or waterway cleanup.

For wedding send-offs, provide all guests with ribbon wands or bubbles for joyful send-offs.

Visit Joyful Send-off for more picture perfect send-off ideas for your wedding.

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